Khanh Tran

User Experience Designer.
Currently at QookIT.
Based in San Francisco Bay Area.


Website Redesign | Non-Profit Organization

Platform: Responsive website

Team: Project Coordinator

Role: Visual Designer

Timeline: May 2020 (1 month)

Skills: Skills: UI and Visual Design, Branding, HTML / CSS

See Live Site

🌎 Context

Residents in Washington County had trouble finding local mental health resources on organization's state website (NAMI Minnesota) therefore, NAMI Washington County was built to accomodate its local residents.

✨ Result

A Responsive website that best reflect NAMI Washington County Brand and message.

💥 Constraints

The biggest constraint was I had to implement the design on Weebly. Since I have limited coding experience, I learned on the fly HTML / CSS to input specific functionalities that was discussed with the team.